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Knee Fracture

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Christmastime ?? at the hospital means that I do some other tasks than just my regular shoulder ultrasounds.
Being ”on call” the other day I met this 25 year old man who needed an orthosis after surgery. This is not a fracture you want as a 25-year old. He jumped down from 1,5 metres to avoid an accident in the factory he is working in.
After surgery we put on an orthosis that should be locked for the first two weeks and then allowing 30 degrees of flexion for two weeks and then 60 and then 90 for two weeks. 6 weeks postoperative the orthosis will be removed and the patient is allowed free range of motion and also allowed to gradually put more weight on the leg while walking.
In a case like this I guess he will end up with a knee replacement sooner or later….? but hopefully a lot later….